Vaultek 10 Series Essential

Vaultek 10 Series Essential
Vaultek 10 Series Essential
Vaultek 10 Series Essential

Vaultek 10 Series Essential

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• Sub-compact design securely holds 1 compact handgun, magazine(s), passport, cash, and is easily mounted or tethered in place with the included hardware or steel security cable.

• Auto open lid and responsive LED lighting views safe contents at night.

• Tough and rugged heavy duty 18-gauge carbon steel unibody design with a durable powdercoat finish.

Biometric Bluetooth Model Specific Features

• Bluetooth 2.0 offers a highly interactive experience to manage the safe from your smartphone within Bluetooth range. Monitor tampering, battery level, and more. 

• Quick secure access from the high resolution fingerprint scanner, auto-illuminating keypad with built-in proximity sensor, manual keys, or smartphone with the Bluetooth 2.0 app. Compatible with Nano Key 2.0 (sold separately).

 Anti-theft protection features a patented two point anti-impact latch system, anti-pry bars, and interior mounted hinges.

Essential Model Specific Features

• Quick secure access from the auto-illuminating keypad with built-in proximity sensor or manual keys.

 Anti-theft protection features a single anti-impact latch, anti-pry bars, and an interior mounted hinge.

10 Series

Battery Life: 6 months on a single charge under normal use
Battery Type: 18650 Rechargeable Lithium-ion, 3.7v 2200 mAh
Backlit Keypad: Backlit 5-digit keypad with built-in proximity sensor
Master Code Length: 4-8 Digits Long
Biometric Storage Capacity: 20 Unique Fingerprints (Biometric Edition)
Biometric Imaging Speed: 10 FPS (Biometric Edition)
Biometric Sensor Area: 12.8mm x 12.8mm (Biometric Edition)
Biometric Sensor Pixels: 160 x 160 Pixels @508DPi (Biometric Edition)
Construction: Progressive Formed 18-Gauge Steel / Weight: 5.2 lbs
External Dimensions: 10.5" W x 8.5” D x 2.125” H
Internal Dimensions: 9.875” W x 5.375" D x 1.5” H



(2) Spare Manual Key, Charging Kit with Micro-USB Cable and Adapter, Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery, Steel Security Cable, and Mounting Hardware.

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