Browning Prestige 33

Browning Prestige 33

Browning Prestige 33

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The Browning Prosteel Prestige 33 gun safe is a ProSteel safe from Browning ProSteel Safes. It offers reliable security with a heavy-duty 10 gauge steel body. Browning Gun Safes industry innovation of MAX Locking Bolts provides 12-times more surface area than traditional bolts and when combined with Pry-Stop Corner Bolts, creates a safe that is twice as pry-resistant as a safe with round bolts. The Gear Drive Locking System of the Browning Prosteel Prestige 33 safe is three times easier to operate. The versatile storage inside the Browning Prosteel Prestige 33 gun safe includes the AXIS Adjustable Shelving, DPX Storage System with Scope Saver and faux leather on the ceiling and walls for a luxurious safe that protects your guns and other valuables. The Browning Prestige 33 gun safe also comes standard with LED Lighting.  Talk to one of our safe specialists or read “What is the Best Safe For Me?“.  West Coast Safes also offers professional and discreet delivery and installation of your new safe.  Browning Prosteel safes DPX Storage System makes the Browning Prestige 33 safe the most rifle and shotgun friendly safes in the industry.  Check out how many more rifles and shotguns a Prosteel Prestige 33 safe can store over a comparably sized competitor’s gun safe.

Browning Prosteel Prestige 33 safe Features

The Browning Prosteel Prestige 33 safe is a Browning ProSteel Gun Safe built by ProSteel Safes in Utah.  The rugged steel body is formed and continuously welded for outstanding security and an impressive appearance.  Inside-the-door security features include the patented MAX Locking Bolts and out Gear Drive Locking system.  The versatile DPX Storage System with Scope Saver (a Browning Gun Safes exclusive) holds up to 30% more guns and makes it fast and convenient to access your long guns and other valuables.  The Prestige Gun Safes by Browning Gun Safes also comes standard with an LED Lighting system.

  • Fire Rating: 1700 F for 110 minutes
  • 10-Gauge Steel Body Thickness
  • (12-14) 4″ x1″ MAX Locking Bolts
  • Pry-Stop Corner Bolts
  • DPX Door Storage
  • Prestige 33 safe Scope Saver for 4 scoped Long Guns
  • Axis Adjustable Shelving
  • Simulated Worn Leather Shelving
  • 7 Colors
  • Dimensions 60″ x 31″ x 26″, 29″ overall
  • Weight 905 lbs.

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